Dear friends, we are receiving so many lovely messages from you about our album – even from USA, Japan and Indonesia 💙 – we just love the idea that so many people from all over are discovering the record at this very moment.
“Ultimately, ‘Midnight Parade’ is an incredibly strong album. It is as carefree as it is melancholic. It comforts or pushes you. It dances with you through the rain or accompanies you lonely through the night. In the end the choice is up to the listener.“ wrote Erik Swiatloch in his review at Album der Woche (we scored: 9,1/10 wink – link to review).
This quote made us really happy, as making a record for us is indeed so much about dealing with both „the light“ and „the heavy“ and leaving as much space possible to the listener, to you guys, to be able to even LIVE in it, if you want. So, please make yourself at home and keep on sending your feedback to us! Much love! 💙

‘Like any good shoegaze record, it lends itself this sort of abstraction. At the same time, like any good jangle pop record, it’s a perfect accompaniment to an afternoon drive when all you want is a wash of joyous sound. But it’s also the sort of record that lends itself to cozying up by a fire with some good headphones.‘ wrote Charles Olney from Texas on his ‘Heartache With Hard Work’ blog. A review that is giving us goosebumps because not only do we feel extremely flattered but being musiclovers ourselves we also share this enormous joy and belief for the power of music in general: ‘but in the end the unifying theme of Midnight Parade is pretty simple: it offers a sense of deep melancholy tempered by a powerful and unrelenting faith in the potential for human beings to reach across barriers and find reasons to love. And, to be honest, it’s hard to think of a message that’s more important in 2019.’ 💙 #word