Only more sleep until the record is out and we already are ‘album of the day’ (no pun intended) right on the front page of Bandcamp today – which feels so huge to us, as this might be like today’s temple of indie music, right? 😮

“Riding classic indie-pop/shoegaze sounds and feelings hard (…) Loeters and Sonnenberg quickly set a mood of contemplation and genteel understatement, heightened by the slight distance and echo on Loeters’s singing throughout. (…) They also manage to sound simultaneously grounded in the past and perfectly of the present; songs like “Grow” and “The Years” could fit in on modern-day playlists as easily as they would have rubbed up against bands like Aberdeen and The Field Mice on ’90s mixtapes.”

We are flattered! Thank you Ned Raggett at Bandcamp!
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